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Camping: General Info

Don’t let the little map deceive you; there’s a lot of room for camping!  Lots are priced according to distance from the track.  You can’t choose a specific space, but you can choose the lot you want.  Site width will vary a bit, but all sites are at least 20 feet wide.  The length of sites in each lot is noted on the map.  Camping price is per camping vehicle and includes 5pm Thursday through Monday morning.  Unless otherwise noted, you may purchase one Extra Car Pass for your camp site upon arrival for an additional $30.  An Extra Car pass can only be purchased by someone who’s already bought a camp site.

No water, electric or sewer hookups available.  An outside company will pump septic tanks and fill water tanks; we suggest coming in with water tanks already full.  There will be security patrols in every lot, and all lots will be open for the whole event, including Sunday night.

Basic Camping Rules
No pit vehicles, golf carts, side by sides, minibikes, ATVs, etc.
There are no handicap passes for golf carts, etc.  However, we will have shuttle carts for those in need of assistance getting to and from the track.
Bicycles are allowed in the camping lots but not in the track area.
Pets are allowed in any of the “A” lots if you have an RV.  They must stay in your camp site; do not bring them to the track.
No pets if you’re camping in a tent.  No pets in Lot B.
Small camp fires are allowed.  No pallets.
All vehicles in a lot must park the same direction (east/west or north/south) to allow access for patrols, fire/EMS and emergency vehicles.
Follow Security, Event Staff and Parking Staff direction.

Extra Cars in Camp Sites
A pass is required for an extra car to park in a camp site.
Extra Car Pass is $30 and can be purchased at the gate when you arrive.
You must have (or purchase) a camping pass in order to purchase an Extra Car Pass.
Extra cars can park in the campsite all weekend, and can leave and come back as needed.
If the extra car is arriving after the camper: purchase the car pass when you come in and meet the extra car at the entrance with the pass.
If the extra car is arriving before the camper: have the extra car bring the camping pass your purchased online.  They can purchase the Extra Car Pass when they arrive and meet the camper at the gate with the camping pass, and direct the camper to the camp site.

Rented RV drop-offs

We can recommend Krenek RV in Coloma, Michigan for rentals.  They have made arrangements with us to drop off rental RVs once you provide them with your camping pass information.  Call 800-543-8267 and ask for Kathy; or email them HERE.

If you’re not meeting the delivery person at the track, here’s what you need to do:
1. Purchase your camping pass in advance.
2. Email the pass to the rental company. They MUST present the camping pass in order to drop off the RV.
3. Also print and bring the camping pass with you when you arrive, so we know you purchased one.
4. If you’re arriving in a separate car, you’ll need to purchase an Extra Car pass at the gate when you come in.
5. Each camping lot will have a designated area for drop-offs; ask the parking staff to direct you to that area.
6. We cannot sign for or be responsible for your rental.

More information on each lot is noted below, in order of distance from to the the track.

Lot A2-A3
All Camping Lots

SITES AVAILABLE: General Camping: Lot A4

Lot A4 is the largest of the camping lots.  All of the spaces are 60 feet long and fairly level; price is $200 per camping vehicle.  Approximate 10-15 minute walk to the track.  If needed, an extra car pass for your camp site is available for an additional $30.

SOLD OUT: Prime 1 and Prime 2: Lot A1 Trackside camping

First row of Lot A1 along the fence to the track area; this is the absolute closest camping to the track.  You can actually see portions of the racetrack from the front row and tailgate, making this Prime Camping.  Track view varies; very close access to Gates 1 and 2.  If needed, an extra car pass for your Prime 1 or 2 camp site is available at no additional charge.  (If you’re used to attending the national, please note that there’s no trackside parking at the bottom of the Leap for MXoN.)

Prime 1 is the north half of the first row; it has the best track views and fairly level spots.  Bring leveling blocks and you should be able to get any size rig level.   Spaces are from 60 – 70 feet long.  Price is $600.

Prime 2 is the south half of the first row.  The spots are not as level, but most rigs will be able to get level in most of the spots.  Spaces are from 60 – 70 feet long.  Price is $500.

Lot A1

SOLD OUT: Premium Camping: Lot A1

Lot A1 is the closest to the track.  You can enter the track area from Gate 1 for the south side of the track, Gate 2 for the infield, or walk up the hill to Gate 4 and stroll down the midway on your way to the track.  You’ll be close enough to make a quick trip to the RV during intermissions.  Spaces are from 60 – 70 feet long and fairly level; cost is $400 per camping vehicle.  If needed, an extra car pass for your camp site is available for an additional $30.

SOLD OUT: Family Camping: Lot A2

All “A” lots are family-friendly.  We’ve chosen A2 as a suggested lot for families with younger kids, but the choice is yours.  Camping spaces are from 60 – 65 feet long and fairly level.  Approximate 5-10 minute walk to the track via Gate 1 or 2.  Price is $250 per camping vehicle. If needed, an extra car pass for your camp site is available for an additional $30.

SOLD OUT: Premium Camping: Lot A3

Lot A3 is conveniently located along the main road to the track, close to the midway entrance at Gate 4.  Camping spaces are 50-60 feet long (most are 60 feet) and fairly level.  Price is $300 per camping vehicle. If needed, an extra car pass for your camp site is available for an additional $30.

SOLD OUT: Adult/Party Camping: Lot B

Lot B is the traditional “party lot” at RedBud.  You’re free to choose any lot, but if you plan to play music and party a lot, this is the best place for you to camp.  Everyone in the vehicle must be at least age 18 in order to camp in Lot B.  Most spaces are around 50′ long, fairly level and vary in width.  Approximate 15 minute walk to the track.  Price per camping vehicle is $250.

Tent camping?  If so, you can put two cars and two 2-4 person tents (or one large tent) in one space. An extra car pass for your camp site is available for an additional $30.

SOLD OUT: Economy/Tent Camping: Lot C

Lot C is an addition to the traditional camping lots at RedBud, and a good option for tents and pop-up campers.  Limit of one vehicle and one tent or popup per camp site.  Approximate 10-minute walk to the Gate 4 entrance to the midway.  Price is $150 per vehicle.