• 13638 Red Bud Trl North Buchanan, MI 49107
  • 269-695-6405


Daily Parking

Daily On-site parking has been added for the Motocross of Nations. Map will be posted soon.
Parking fee is collected daily. US currency only, please.  We can’t take credit cards in the parking lots.
Thursday | no charge
Friday      | $10
Saturday | $30
Sunday    | $30

There is no overnight parking or RV parking in daily parking lots.  We can direct you to the Berrien County Youth Fairgrounds, where you can purchase off-site parking for the weekend, including overnight, and use the shuttle services to and from the track at no charge.


Accessible Parking

If possible, fans without a front windshield hang tag should stop at the Welcome Center in Buchanan before coming to the track.   We’ll give you a parking sticker for your windshield to help police and staff direct you to the best parking.  This is not mandatory – it will just make the process smoother for you, the police and parking staff.  Golf cart shuttles will be running from the handicap parking areas to the race track entrance for your convenience.  Please note that shuttle carts are not able to enter the midway/vending areas or spectator areas.

Wheelchair Access:  The vending area/midway and much of the track infield are easily accessed in a wheelchair.  As noted below, use Gate C on Red Bud Trail for the closest parking.  You can get from the parking lot to the track/vending/midway entrance and on to the center of the spectator infield without navigating any major elevation.  Keep in mind that the first (bottom) row of the infield grandstands is easy access for wheelchairs; it’s also free to you and a guest.

If you have extreme difficulty getting around, we can also suggest an area outside the infield.  Please email or call us for more information.  ([email protected]; 269-695-6405)

While handicap parking is reserved in every lot, the closest parking is accessed via the Gate C entrance on Red Bud Trail.

VIP Parking

All VIPs must stop at the Welcome Center in Buchanan before coming to the track.  Make sure to place your VIP parking sticker on your windshield to help police and staff direct you to VIP parking, which is accessible from either the east or west track entrance.

Parking fee is per vehicle, per day; no charge for street bikes. Each person (except kids under 8) will also need a General Admission ticket.

Camping and Overnight Parking

The only access to the campgrounds is from Gate C on Red Bud Trail.
If you need to park an extra car in your campsite, and if it fits, you may purchase an Extra Car pass. Only the person holding the camping pass may purchase an Extra Car pass.
Need to save some room?  Consider parking your extra car at the fairgrounds and take a free shuttle to the track!

Don’t have a campsite to park your car on for the weekend?  You can park it at the fairgrounds, too!  There is no overnight parking available in the daily parking lots at the track.

We realize that some people are stopping at the race while traveling in their RV.  However, we cannot accommodate RVs in the daily parking lots.  Please secure a parking space at the fairgrounds.

Remember, all fairgrounds camping and parking includes free shuttles to and from the track!


Credential Parking: Youthstream “Parking B”

Parking B credential parking is only accessible from the Gate D (west) entrance on Main Street; it’s a large lot just west of the paddock area.
Pass must be picked up at the Welcome Center in Buchanan before coming to the track.  You will not have access to Parking B without the proper pass.

No campers, no overnight parking in this lot!  Only RVs with a pass to park outside the paddock will be admitted at the Gate D entrance.

Gate D Entrance: